Cardistry-Con Day 1

Cardistry-Con Day 1

I woke up early and excited. I was in Berlin ready to immerse myself in three days of playing card madness.

The first thing I did natural was go to the washroom. Okay, okay, everything is going normal and then I get to the shower. WTF was I looking at. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture but let me describe what stood before me. Imagine a small room with two showers divided by a see-through glass panel and a door that couldn't lock. The door, by the way, was visible in the hallway so if you don't close it anyone walking down the hallway can see you shower. Also, many people are recording all of Cardistry-Con so I wouldn't be surprised if someone has captured Michael Stern's junk on camera.

Another factor to realize is that everyone on the floor is waking up too and wants to shower so people were coming up with all sorts of solutions. Probably the most effective was having a buddy stand in front of the door effectively blocking it so that you can shower in peace without every cardist in the world seeing you naked.

I didn't have a partner to block the door for me (Frank was sleeping). Anyways, let's not talk about it...

A few of us got to the venue early. Earlier than the Buck twins. It was a nice place. Here is a horrible video I took of people coming into the venue.

The rest of the day and night is a blur. It's hard to write these when they aren't fresh. To compensate here's a picture of me presenting.

I perform wonders without hands and walk the earth without feet.