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What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?

Mahdi Gilbert1 Comment
What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?

During my campaign, some of my critics have called me a conman, and I know some of you, not all, but some, are thinking Where The Hell Is My Hat?

The reason they are take such a long time to make is because they are being made by the finest hat company I could find, Captuer Headwear. You can check them out at their website here:

The truth is I could have had the hats made by the same company in 3-6 weeks if I got them made with regular cotton and I was going to do that, until... I saw that I could get them made in premium cotton, which would cost me a lot more and take more time. I didn`t even think about it for two seconds, I already knew that I wanted the BEST, not only for myself but for my friends! We don`t make compromises, not with the stakes being so high.

The hats went into production late May and I was told it would take 16 weeks. I`ve been counting the weeks until I receive them and the wait isn`t going to last much longer. I should be receiving the hats in about 4 to 5 weeks.

I know everyone is anxious for their hat, I am too. I can`t wait to put it on.

I`ve promised many things during my campaign and they are already happening even before the election!

I said it time and time again, that I`m going to Make Magic Great Again. People have accused me of spewing hot air and that the words didn`t mean anything!

Boy! We sure proved them wrong!

Since my last update I`ve appeared on Penn & Teller`s Fool Us. Here`s the video:

An estimated 1.18 MILLION people watched it live on television when it first aired. Somebody must have liked it because the episode that aired the next week had 1.42 million viewers. That`s an increased viewership of 240, 000. That`s more magic at a higher standard in front of the public. You want to know how we Make Magic Great Again, that`s how! Get better magic in front of more people! It`s not a mystery!

But wait... what about people who watched it online. I`ve tracked down that my spot on the show has been viewed online over 634, 000 times that I`m aware of. The video I posted on facebook on my puny, insignificant page got over 1.4k shares.

Many, many magicians have been messaging me telling me that watching that made them proud, many for the first time in their lives, to be a magician. Thousands of others have said publicly that they now BELIEVE in magic and that


And believe me, I actually consider this accomplishment to be nothing. It`s insignificant, it will be lucky to make it as a footnote compared to what is coming. Magic is still in the gutter but people are starting to wake up, people are starting to realize that better does exist and they don`t have to settle, that they can RAISE THEIR STANDARDS much higher than they ever knew possible. Magicians are waking up and so is the public and it`s ABOUT TIME!

I`m asking all of you to join me in my campaign, even if the Kickstarter is over, the hat doesn`t matter. This campaign isn`t about a hat, it never was. The hat is just a symbol. It represents what we need to happen, WHAT WE CAN & WILL MAKE HAPPEN!

If it came down to it, really came down to it, I would sacrifice everything and be willing to walk this path alone but I`m asking you for your help. Magic is in shambles, your children are being preyed upon, the art gets no respect, your magic shops are shutting down, your tricks are no good, all of you magicians are living in poverty... To those I say...

What do you have to lose?


By trying someone new like me?


Give me a CHANCE!

I`m not going to leave you. Not even after all the abuse I`ve suffered through my campaign. It`s not too late to turn things around. I promise you that the things you always thought were impossible are going to start happening but they aren`t going to happen by themselves. We are the ones who are going to MAKE MAGIC GREAT AGAIN!

I perform wonders without hands and walk the earth without feet.