Meeting David Blaine

This story takes place March 2010 in San Diego following the events of Alienating David Blaine.

After almost crying myself to sleep I woke up to the sound and the light of my hotel door opening. It was Shane Cobalt arriving from a night on the town and to surprise us he had dumplings(?). He proceeded to take his video camera out and feed Chris Mayhew in his sleep. It was incredible, I had never seen anything like this. Mayhew remained fast asleep as Shane pushed piece after piece into his mouth as he chewed and swallowed. Also in the room where Ben Train and James Alan. There were only two beds, I don't remember who I slept with or if we took turns rotating sleeping the floor. At magic conventions it's not an uncommon sight to see ten magicians staying together in a room designed for two. The hotel must have been so disappointed to host a huge convention with over 300 attendees and have 20 to 30 (max!) rooms booked out. I always wonder why the following year the convention moved to a much more downscale hotel... Now it all makes sense.

I hope to one day be able to afford to see Steve Cohen... (•_•) 

In the morning I woke up excited for the day's events. There were a lot of amazing magicians who I would discover that day, but that morning I didn't care about them because David Blaine was suppose to do something. It turned out to be a Q&A session/interview moderated by Dan and Dave Buck. I don't remember much of the interview except for the person who asked if David thought there was room for more millionaire magicians and David laughed wishing he was a millionaire.

Chad Long then asked why David thought there wasn't more room for hundredaires in magic. No one laughed. The joke hit too close to home for too many people in the room.

After the interview the room cleared out except for a handful of people and myself.

Here's where things get blurry for me. I don't remember who introduced me to the Bucks Twins and David Blaine or how I got on stage so please pardon my forgetfulness, I was under psychological and emotional duress.

David Blaine was sitting in a chair on the edge of the stage and I was positioned across from him. My mind sometimes plays through crazy scenarios when I'm stressed. Probably because I'm trying to calculate all the angles. I don't know why but I imagined what would happened if I kicked his chair slightly and he fell of the stage backwards. I think the same thoughts come to everyone who meets someone important or famous. I'm sure everyone who meets the President thinks about how many punches they can get in before they get shot down by the Secret Service. If you tried to strangle Obama or snap his neck, would you succeed? Would you have enough time to kill him?

It's just an exercise my mind goes through. I'm sure it happens to a lot of people. Anyways, I imagine him falling backwards off the stage and in my scenario he lands on his neck and starts making loud noises like this news reporter from this famous video.

I wonder what would happen, would people try to stop me from leaving or would they rush to help David? Would they be so shocked that they would just stand still completely paralyzed (like I'm sure David would be?). If the Buck twins jumped me could I take them? All this and more is swirling through my brain.

Then it's time to come back to reality.

I still have those shoes. They are barely holding together and I use them to walk to and from the swimming pool in my building while I'm soaking wet.

David Blaine Hands me a deck of cards.

You cannot tell from this still shot but I was so nervous.

Blaine is probably telling Kalush to stop burning the deck so much.

Blaine is probably telling Kalush to stop burning the deck so much.

I was shaking with adrenaline and muttering/mumbling all my words incoherently.

Back then I had a different style of handling cards. I would squeeze them between my legs to simulate a hand's grip. Unfortunately, the ladies and some of the men would get distracted by the location of the deck.

I screwed up everything I tried to do.

Then to top it off I tried to do a version of the Queens with a pack of borderless Bee's, muttering the patter inaudibly, forgot a phase, missed every duck change I tried, and quite genuinely looked completely insane. However, despite all this they still seemed to be amazed.

My ever-present crooked tooth intrudes on our moment.

David Blaine asked me a lot of questions, ending with why I got into magic.

All I could do was look deep into his eyes and whisper,



We both felt it. We never talk about it... but I know.

I perform wonders without hands and walk the earth without feet.