The Magic Show | SEASON ONE

Episode One

LEE ASHER, Playing Card Collecting, Live Tweeting, & The Browser's Bash

This is the pilot episode of The Magic Show where I sit down and talk to Lee Asher about Playing Card Collecting, Twitter, and The Browser's Den of Magic's convention called "The Browser's Bash".

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Episode TWO

KEVIN YU, Instagram, & The Riffle Shuffle

In this episode I talk to Kevin Yu, a young magician and flourisher based in Toronto. We discuss instagram and it's relation to cardistry and his new company, The Riffle Shuffle.

Kevin has also launched a Kickstarter for his new deck, Skateboard Playing Cards. Support it here:

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Kevin Yu's Instagram:

Episode Three

JAMES ALAN, Working, Magic Clubs & Duct Tape

Mahdi The Magician sits down with Toronto based magician, James Alan in the return episode of The Magic Show for Before Magic.

We discuss his beginnings, mathematics, structuring a show, character, Tyler Wilson's effect on mothers, picking up girls with magic, duct tape, blindfolds, magic clubs, Magic & Martini and much more.

Episode Four

MARK LEWIS, Svengali, Pitchmen, & Showmanship

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Mahdi The Magician is joined by the real Svengali, Mark Lewis in this episode of The Magic Show for Before Magic.

We discuss Mark's Scottish heritage, the Svengali deck, the life of Pitchmen, the art of the pitch, the mouse, the great magicians, patter, scripting, and much more.

Episode Five

THE SENTIMENTALISTS, Intuition, Psychic Energy & Seances

Mahdi The Magician interviews the psychic duo, The Sentimentalists in this episode of The Magic Show for Before Magic. We discuss psychic connections, intuition, ESP, seances, their new Balloon Stunt at Nuit Blanche and much more!

Episode Six

CHRIS MAYHEW, Filmmaking, Collaborating, & Project Management

Mahdi The Magician interviews Chris Mayhew, a Toronto based magician, comedian, and filmmaker on The Magic Show for Before Magic. In this episode we discuss Chris' film, "A Series of Unfortunate Effects", how to schedule & lead a collaboration so that projects are managed properly, filmmaking, and magic on video.