Oops 11

Oops, this is difficult indeed. After all, there are fifty-two cards in the pack. How can the Book possibly know for certain which one you've selected? But, remember, this is a Book of Oopses, and therefore it's perfectly possible for it to fail. So here we go with courage and conviction.

You've selected the Two of Spades, unless you've picked the Eight of Diamonds. (Surely not the Queen of Clubs?) If your selection was Jack of Diamonds, King of Hearts, or Ace of Clubs, your lucky number for the next three months is 14—colour blue—time 11 A.M.

If it was Five of Hearts, Three of Spades, Nine of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, or Four of Hearts, the number is 22—colour green—time 3 P.M. If it was Nine of Spades, Two of Diamonds, or Ace of Hearts, the number is 12—colour red—time 6 P.M. or 7 P.M.

For all other card choosers the advice is make yourself a strong cup of tea—drink it—and look for your luck and fortune among the tea-leaves. Perhaps you'll find it.